Media People – We are the leader among media houses according to the Media&Marketing Poland Report!

The study, conducted by Kantar Polska, covered 27 media houses, both Polish and international. The survey was carried out among 1,112 marketers.

In 21 evaluated categories, we are the leader in as many as 12 of them! Additionally, we achieved second place in 7 categories and third place in 2 categories.

These results are a testament and reward for our dedication, hard work, and continuous desire to learn.

We are incredibly honored that Media People has received the highest ratings in so many key areas.

Marketers appreciated us primarily for:

  • Satisfaction with achieving business goals of campaigns – our approach allows for success and exceeding expectations.
  • Innovative approach to media planning – we constantly seek new solutions to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.
  • Satisfaction with planning – our meticulous strategy ensures effective use of the budget.
  • Satisfaction with media buying – we skillfully select the most effective communication channels.
  • High quality of internet planning – we analyze trends and preferences carefully to reach the right target audience.
  • High quality of offline media planning (radio, OOH, and print) – we adapt our strategy to different media to ensure maximum reach.
  • Effective support in e-commerce projects – we help our clients succeed in the dynamic world of e-commerce.
  • Satisfaction with econometric offerings – we provide accurate analysis and reports that enable our clients to make informed decisions.
  • Fulfillment of promises made in tenders – we are a reliable partner who keeps their word.
  • Satisfaction with research, analysis, and strategy – we provide in-depth research and analysis that lead to effective communication strategies.
  • High quality of programmatic internet buying – we utilize advanced tools and technologies to reach the right audience at the right time and place.
  • Adherence to professional ethics – we operate according to the highest standards, safeguarding the reputation of our clients.

We thank our Clients for their trust and ratings, which confirm our efforts.

We continue our mission of delivering the best solutions and being a reliable partner for you.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our Clients for their daily work and appreciation of what we do for you and together with you!