Magdalena Stużyńska a new face of Maxi Krzem

A new Maxi Krzem (brand of Colfarm) hair suplement campaign has just been launched. This is the first campaign for this product by the PZL agency and the Media People media house.

The brand’s ambassador is famous Polish actress Magdalena Stużyńska. Slogan “Different roles, one strength!” represents life of the actress. Stużyńska creates different acting roles and at the same time Maxi Krzem has different roles in her body. In the campaign there is 30 and 15 seconds along ads, sponsor billboards in television and spots in radio.

A photo session was also prepared for use in POS materials and digital activities. The photographer in this project was Zuza Krajewska.

Magdalena Stużyńska’s styling was prepared by Jola Czaja. The PZL agency is responsible for the creation of the campaign as part of the creative team: Iwona Brańska, Marcin Jagnus. Directed by: Iwona Bielecka. Producer: Joanna Brydzinska. The account overseeing the whole thing is Monika Chludzińska. Production is provided by the production house Bomaye, subproduction by Xantus, and sound design by the studio Głośno.