Media People is once again the substantive partner of FMZ 2021

The Integrated Marketing Forum (FMZ) is a marketing hub co-created by recognized experts in the industry who share conclusions from tracked trends and analyzed market research. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, a place for lively conversations and exchange of experiences.


As part of FMZ, we show trends and best practices regarding a wide range of communication tools and encourage you to achieve ‘marketing excellence’ in each of them.

Knowledge from the FMZ is accumulated and available in  podcasts, video interviews and workshops – during whole year.

On November 9th, our event summarizing the achievements of the industry from the past year and forecasts for the next.



In the FMZ hub, we say that EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES, and we emphasize the versatility of integrated marketing involving all SENSES, because in building the image and strength of the brand, each communication channel adds something to its perception.


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